Red Thai Curry Box Set (for 3-4 portions) in Bamboo Box

  • The fine original ingredients for Thai red curry with jasmine rice
  • Ready in 45 minutes, for 3-4 people
  • Creamy, slightly spicy and unforgettable taste
  • Perfect to give as a gift or enjoy it yourself
  • A recipe guide with cooking tips from Thais

Expected to be available from 25.-31.7.2022

All in the box

  • 25g      Red curry paste

  • 400ml  Coconut milk

  • 30ml    Fish sauce

  • 12ml    Soy sauce

  • 60g       Palm sugar

  • 7g         Dried herb mixture

  • 300 g    Jasmine scented rice

  • A recipe card

  • Handmade bamboo box
    All ingredients are imported from Thailand and contain no glutamate, artificial colour or preservatives.
    ** Attention: soy sauce contains gluten **

Required fresh ingredients

  • 400 g Duck breast 

  • 300 g Sliced pineapple

  • 100 g Cherry tomatoes

  • 2 tsp. Sugar

  • 1 tsp. Salt


Thai red curry recipe in 60 seconds

Ingredients containing products

  • Red curry paste:
    dried red chilies, garlic, lemongrass, salt, shallots, galangal, shrimp paste (shrimp, salt), kaffir lime peel, pepper (This product may contain traces of fish)

  • Fish sauce:
    ANCHOVIES 77%, Salt, Sugar

  • Palm sugar:
    Palm sugar, Sugar, Water

  • Herb mixture:
    Kaffir lime leaves, basil leaves

  • Coconut milk:
    Coconut extract 60%, Water

  • Soy sauce:
    Water, Soybeans 25%, Wheat, Salt, Sugar

Get to know the box better!

The spirited grandma of the KONKRUA family

"Please show respect for our spirited grandma of the KONKRUA family. Creamy, slightly spicy and unforgettable like her personality."


Kaeng Phed Pbed Yang literally means "the spicy curry with baked duck". This extraordinary ancient dish is delightfully different from all other dishes due to the delicate combination of baked duck, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, red curry and creamy coconut milk.


Our ancient grandma has a long tradition. Red Thai curry was influenced by Chinese food culture, that is why duck is used in this dish. Its strong taste delights not only Thai people but also foreigners. Although it is ancient, it has retained its rampant character and is timelessly popular to this day.


The intense red Thai curry, the sour taste of the pineapple and the aromatic herb mixture give the red Thai curry its spicy touch. Creamy, salty and sweet flavours round off the dish and soothe this spirited grandma.


Our grandma's box contains soy sauce for marinating the duck, intense red curry paste and a compilation of various healthy herbs. Fish sauce, palm sugar and coconut milk are pre-portioned. The dried herb mixture provides certain degrees of scent and gives the dish even more Thai authenticity.

Of course, the jasmine rice with its slightly sticky consistency and floral aroma can't be missing.


In addition, the box contains a complete recipe guide with many cooking tips from Thais.

Those who are not afraid of grandma's rampancy should know this unforgettable cooking experience with our grandma!

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This is what distinguishes our box

In our box, you will find all original ingredients, that you need to prepare a Thai dish for 3-4 servings. The preparation takes just 30 minutes – and you can bring the holiday feeling home.

Ingredients with authentic origin

All ingredients come directly from Thailand. They are carefully selected by local farmers and contain no glutamate or preservatives. So you can cook Thai dishes that taste just like they do in Thailand.

We say "THANK YOU"

With the purchase of each box, you support elderly women and families in a structurally weak region of Thailand.

Frequently asked questions

How many portions is a box set for?

One box set is enough for 3-4 servings. But of course, it also depends on how hungry you are. :D

Do I sign up for a subscription when I buy?

No, you only buy a box set once.

Are the box sets very spicy?

Massaman Curry and Pad Thai are mild. Only the red and green Thai curry is slightly spicy (European's level and not Thai's level of slightly spicy :D) You can prepare the Tom Kha set slightly spicy or mild. Attention: The Tom Yum set is very spicy!

Are fresh ingredients included in the box set?

No, some customers cook our dishes without meat, some customers love only organic food. It is important to us that our customers have their freedom. Therefore, no fresh ingredients are included.

How long can a box set be kept, best-before/ expiration period?

All box sets have a best-before date of 03.07.2023 and can be stored at room temperature

Are the box sets gluten-free?

YES! All of our box sets are gluten-free, except the red Thai curry box set and Premium Thai sauce, as the soy sauce contains gluten. The soy sauce can be used to marinate meat, but can also be omitted. In this way, the Red Thai Curry can also be prepared gluten-free.