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For how many portions is one box set?
A box set is for 3-4 servings. This is of course also depends on how hungry you are :D

Do I sign up for a subscription when I buy?
No, you only buy a box set once.

Are the box sets very spicy?
Massaman Curry and Pad Thai are mild. Only the red and green Thai Curry are slightly spicy (European's level, not Thai's level of slightly spicy :D) The Tom Kha set can be prepared and cooked slightly spicy or mild. Attention: The Tom Yum set is very spicy!

How long can the box sets be kept, best-before or expiration period?
All the box sets currently have a best-before date of 03.07.2023 and can be stored at a room temperature.

Are the box sets gluten-free?
YES!!!! Our box sets are gluten-free, except the red Thai curry which contains soy sauce that has gluten. The soy sauce can be used to marinate meat, but can also be omitted. This way, the red Thai curry can also be prepared gluten-free.

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