KONKRUA Ingredients

Premium Palmzucker

Premium Palm Sugar

Fresh palm sugar has a soft texture and tastes rather mildly sweet! Our palm sugar comes from Phetchaburi, Thailand.Its juice is extracted from the inflorescences of coconut palms, which is then dried by heating. After 5 hours, the palm syrup has finally thickened. Then it is places in a large container and beaten until the crystallisation begins. It can then be used to make coconut blossom sugar (Nam Tan Maprao or palm sugar). A palm tree can provide up to two litres of nectar a day - enough for a 500-gram pack of coconut blossom sugar.Fresh palm sugar is soft...

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KONKRUA Premium Kokosmilch

KONKRUA Premium Coconut Milk

Our coconut milk is not only super delicious and creamy, but is also completely produced without mistreating animals.KONKRUA coconut milk is traditionally made from 100% Thai coconuts. The freshly harvested coconuts come from the best cultivation region in Thailand, Samut Sakhon. Our coconut milk is produced with extreme care to ensure freshness and high quality. The creamy coconut milk is a healthy and vegan alternative compared to cream. It has various nutritional values and contains only vegetable fats, which is ideal for cooking and baking, as well as for desserts and cocktails. We would like to ensure our dear customers...

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Jasmin Duftreis aus Roi-Et

Jasmin Rice from Roi-Et Province

Thais cannot survive without Jasmin rice!  Our Jasmin rice comes from the Roi Et region in the north-east of Thailand, best known for its wide irrigation areas and ideal climatic growing conditions for the wonderfully Jasmin scented rice.   With its slightly sticky consistency and flowery aroma, it should definitely be present at every meal. The work of cultivating, caring for, harvesting and sorting rice deserves a fair pay. Through your support, environmental protection and good living conditions are ensured. Our rice farmers say THANK YOU ❤️ >> Try our Jasmin Scented Rice! <<

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