Fresh palm sugar has a soft texture and tastes rather mildly sweet!

Our palm sugar comes from Phetchaburi, Thailand.

Its juice is extracted from the inflorescences of coconut palms, which is then dried by heating.


After 5 hours, the palm syrup has finally thickened. 😋 Then it is places in a large container and beaten until the crystallisation begins. 💪💪


It can then be used to make coconut blossom sugar (Nam Tan Maprao or palm sugar). A palm tree can provide up to two litres of nectar a day - enough for a 500-gram pack of coconut blossom sugar.

Fresh palm sugar is soft and tastes rather mildly sweet with a delicious caramel-like aftertaste, which is comparable to a creamy sugar candy with a slight caramel flavour. Therefore, KONKRUA palm sugar is soft and less sweet. Unlike most hard palm sugar in many Asian shop because there are so many sugars mixed in it.


Palm sugar contains many healthy nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium and potassium. It also contains healthy antioxidants, vitamin B, folic acid, riboflavin and thiamine.

It is said to be healthier than white sugar because it raises blood sugar levels very slowly. The body metabolises less insulin and you have fewer cravings. For this reason, palm sugar is also suitable for diabetics, unlike normal sweeteners!

Try KONKRUA palm sugar made from coconut blossom